Tell Congress: the White House must Reinstate Liberian Protections Before March 31st!

Step 1: Get Connected

We have only 4 days before up to 4000 Liberian Americans lose their immigration protection, are exposed to possible deportation and have their livelihoods interrupted! Trump has announced that he will terminate their protections effective March 31st, 2019.

Here’s what YOU can do right now:
The White House must reinstate Liberian DED before March 31st as an immediate action. We need you to call congressional leadership in the House and Senate and let them know.

This is a specialized number. When you call, you will get further instructions and be connected automatically with one of four congressional leadership offices: Senators Chuck Schumer (Democratic Senate leader) and Mitch McConnell (Republican Senate Leader) and Representatives Pelosi (Democratic House Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (Republican House leader). As on Monday March 25th, you may also be connected with Senator Dick Durbin (Democratic Senate Whip) or Senator Amy Klobuchar (Key Senator with DED holders in district)

Step 2: Sample Script for Calls

"I am calling you because as congressional leadership you have the power to tell the White House to reinstate Deferred Enforced Departure known as DED for Liberians. Liberian DED will end on March 31st and without action from you, up to 4000 Liberian will have their immigration protection removed. These individuals are a part of our communities in the U. S. Tell the president to reinstate DED."

After you have made your calls, post on social media with the hashtags: #BeyondLiberianDED #BeyondTemporary

More on what’s happening to Liberian Immigrants

On March 27, 2018, President Trump announced the termination of DED for Liberians effective March 31,2019. Deferred Enforcement Departure, or DED, is a form of prosecutorial discretion exercised by the President for foreign nationals who cannot be safely returned to their home country. Currently, Liberia is the only country that holds DED with upwards of 4,000 Liberian nationals protected. This termination means that Liberian DED holders will lose their employment authorization and protection from deportation on March 31, 2019.

Liberian-Americans include Yatta Kiazolu who testified before House Judiciary Committee on March 13, 2019 and over 150 Liberian- American workers (mostly women) at St. Therese in Minnesota, who, if there is no extension of their status, will be off the roster to work as of March 30, 2019. At St. Therese senior care facilities across the Twin Cities, Liberians serve hundreds of residents food, administer medical care and clean.