4 Ways You Can Make Your Voice Heard During the Congressional Recess

Schedule a Meeting with Your Representative

Doing an in-district meeting at a congressional office gives us a chance to get to know our elected officials and their staff--but it also allows them to get to know us. This recess, it’s important to:

Find out if your Congressperson will vote yes for the Dream and Promise Act.

Click here to find out.

Tell them you’re glad they are supporting the Dream and Promise Act OR Ask them what they need to get them to support this bill.

Take this opportunity to share your story and explain why it is urgent Congress pass the Dream and Promise Act immediately.

Ask: If they are already a cosponsor, ask them what they think it will take to get their other colleagues on board.

Will they issue a joint press statement with your organization to support the bill? Will they attend an event with your organization?

The best way to make your voice heard is face to face and now you have the opportunity to do that during the Congressional recess. It’s easy! Just follow the steps below:

Use this easy-to-use tool to find your representative and the district office.

Attend a town hall meeting

Why Town Halls?
There is no better way to influence your representatives than in-person conversations. Town halls are where our elected representatives must listen and respond to the concerns of their constituents. Remember: you are their boss.

We believe everyone, no matter the party of their members of Congress, should have the opportunity to speak with his or her representatives.

You have more power than you think. Town halls are one of the most effective ways to use it.

What to Expect?
The most powerful thing you can do is ask a question to your elected official. Your personal story is incredibly valuable. It’s not always easy to speak up, but these times call for courage in all of us. You and your family’s story help to humanize how laws and policies affect real people. Take the mic and tell your representative why she or he needs to vote for the Dream and Promise Act.

Here’s another great tool from Indivisible: Town Hall strategy resources.

Find a Town Hall Near You

Use these talking points and questions to guide you when it’s your time to speak. You can prepare your question in advance. Don’t forget to give this one pager to hand your Representative.

Be confident, our community has your back. Speak up, be clear, polite and professional and be sure to present yourself and remember to connect it all back to PASS THE DREAM AND PROMISE ACT. Here are some sample questions you can use to guide you:

Hi, Representative XX. My name is XX and I’m a member of [insert organization here]. The Dream and Promise Act would protect [me/communities of immigrant youth and people with TPS and DED from deportation. Will you support and cosponsor the Dream and Promise Act to give pathway to citizenship and protections to our immigrant communities?

Don’t forget to follow up with the staff after the Town Hall, it’s important to build relationships.

Amplify your visit on social media

Social Media
We would love to amplify your meetings/actions on our social media accounts!

Post directly to Facebook, Twitter or/and Instagram and use #DreamAndPromiseNOW so we can help amplify. Remember to include these hashtags so that your video appears in online conversations!

@UnitedWeDream, @UndocuBlack, @TPS_Alliance, @wfucoalition, @CPDAction, @IndivisibleTeam

You can also send your photo and video to info@unitedwedream.org.

Messaging for Video
After your visit, remember to take photos of your group AND record a short 45 seconds video about your visit using this script:

  • “Today we are here at [Representatives office] because…”
  • “We met with [the Representative/the Representatives staff] and they said YES/NO to support the most progressive, bold, and inclusive bill to protect …”
  • “We feel that what they said was [hopeful/not enough/etc.]...”


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Hold a Press Conference

Holding a press conference is effective way to get media coverage of your meeting or town hall. Use our resources to guide you through how to hold your own.